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CH105 chicken coop
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hen house and chicken coop CH105

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HOUSE 1780mm*1090mm*1070mm  RUN   1800mm*1280mm*580mm
 Houses upto 13 large birds or 30 small     
Apex styled Coop with 10 internal perces  and side nest box with lockable stay arm.
Whole right side is removable for easy access and cleaning.
Grilled  ventilation window to the rear.
 The run has a large hinged top doorfor easy access and inc ramp.
 Manufactured using the latest   Technology to encure a easy and  precise build.    
No nails only tenon joints, glues  and screws.     
Fully pressure treated chicken coops with  water  based preserative to withstand the  UK Weather

ch105 chicken house
HOUSE 1780mm*1090mm*1070mm                  HOUSE 1780mm*1090mm*1070mm  
                                                                                                                   RUN   1800mm*1280mm*580mm
was £249  now £189                                       was £299  now £249
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