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Large Metal Run Enclosure   Sizes Available
 2m X 4m  (6.5 ft x 13ft)      3m X 3m 10 ft x 10ft)    4m X 4m  (13 ft x 13ft)   3m X 6m  (10 ft x 20ft) 

  Made from Robust 38mm 0.8 gavalnised Tubular Steel
   Mesh made from 20 guage 25mm Hex Chicken Wire, PVC covered
What you get  in the Box..
  Frame work / 20 guage chicken mesh (ample amount to cover and also use as a skirt around the
 bottom edges) /  Large waterpoof roof cover / Peg Kit.
  Large metal Enclosure ideal for keeping your 
  Chucks safe and sound, while still giving them
  the room they deserve. Also ideal for a fruit Cage
  to stop your hard earned harvest being taken away.
 2m x 4m         Only £189        Buy Now
 3m x 3m         Only £199        Buy Now
 4m x 4m         Only £259        Buy Now
 3m x 6m         Only £289        Buy Now

  This extra large run  incoporates the very latest
  . Full Metal Box section Door (older models either
    had rounded tubing creating large gaps which allowed 
    rodents to enter or wooden doors)
 . Heavy Duty Cover waterproof cover, UV stable.
 . Lockable Latch
.  Fully Galvanised
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