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Chicken Coops and Hen Houses

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          Chicken coops and hen houses. Great deals and accessories for poultry housing  
One of Leading suppliers of chicken coops in the UK.
In recent years the popularity in keeping hens
has grown dramatically.
Not only is it great fun to keep the hens as pets but
to provide a much loved food source EGGS..
With the peace of mind of Knowing where your food
has come from.
It is great for the whole family and now with the New
compact above Housing with lower integral run.
Allows even the smallest gardens the possibility to
Provide free range eggs with our hen coops and hen houses..
    We supply great range chicken coops and hen houses  

Poultry Housing with Hen Coops

All our Hen Houses and Hen Coops are made from Quality semi hardwood Dried fir. 
Pressure treated with a water based bio friendly preservative to prevent harm to animals
 and plants alike. 
All integral chicken hen houses runs are protected with fox proof mesh.
The Chicken Coops are fully CNC Machined to ensure perfect construction using
planed timber (no annoying splinters)

Chicken housing and hen hosues are essential to keep your chickens production rate strong
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