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Free delivery on all chicken coops, hen houses, and accessories within 2-3 days

How long does delivery take?
Once your order has been placed we will send all poultry housing out the following working day on a next day delivery via TNT Express. (Please allow 2-3 working days)

Do the chicken coops come flat packed?
Yes all our Coops are come flat packed, however they are part assembled and they require little construction.

Does it come with instructions?
Yes all Coops and hen houses come with instructions to help you assemble

What do I need to assemble the chicken coop?
All that is needed is a Phillips screw driver as the holes are already

Can I secure the chickens at night?
Yes all our Coops allow you to secure our chickens in the housing area

What do I feed the chickens?
You can either feed them pellets or mash but try and get a good quality of feed as this will help yield the maximum number of eggs.  

How many eggs will I get from a chicken?

This will depend on a number of things. Different breeds of hen will give different numbers of eggs. Roughly speaking this ranges from 250 to 280 a year. It also depends on how healthy and well fed the birds are and on their age. Older birds tend to lay less than younger hens.

Don't I need a cockerel to get eggs?

No! A hen will lay eggs regardless of there being a cockerel about. The only reason to get a cockerel is if you want to breed
Do chickens need to be locked up at night?
Yes chickens need locking up at night to protect them from the fox and vermin such as Rats appear in winter to feed from your chickens food.

What is the Minimum Number of Chickens I can keep?

Chickens are social creatures used to living in small flocks and they will not thrive if they are living alone. Most people will keep a minimum of 3 chickens rather than 2 so that if anything happened to one, they still have a pair in the flock. This is important because introducing new chickens, especially birds of different ages can be so traumatic until the pecking order is re-established

How long do chickens live?

Many chickens will live over 5 years, some 8 to 10 years. Occasionally I have heard of chickens living for 15 years. You should take into consideration that old birds are very hard to sell and are likely to live at least 5 years in the right conditions. Egg numbers will reduce every year and a general rule of thumb is that they decrease by about 10% every year.

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